What will you get when purchasing Hoplite you will receive:

1. Project tokens that will be distributed among the owners

2. Land on which you can immediately build buildings and receive tokens

3. Starter pack which includes (Full set of armor + weapons for Hoplite + improved ship)

4. The role of discord hoplite holder

5. Early access for test versions

Hoplite owners will receive a big advantage over other participants at the start of the game.

About Nortonium:

In the game, the main function is NFTs that will allow players to earn project tokens, as well as enjoy the game! Our project is a «play and earn» genre in the «real time strategy» genre in the style of Greek mythology. The game consists of various NFT options that you can use to grow resources and sell those resources on the game market.

Join us today and become a part of the Nortonium legacy!

Welcome to Nortonium, an addictive game that takes you to an ancient world of combat! We are pleased to announce that we are actively looking for enthusiastic players to join our community and help us expand our audience.

Web3 gaming experience

Prepare to embark on an epic journey where battles, city-building, and the art of winemaking intertwine.


Harness the power of the market and engage in a bustling economy. Trade resources, strike lucrative deals, and amass wealth to further enhance your city and strengthen your armies.

Form Alliances

Forge powerful alliances with like-minded players. Join forces to protect your cities, share resources, and unleash coordinated attacks on your adversaries. Together, you can conquer the world.

Battle for Glory

Engage in thrilling PvP combat with players from around the world. Command your armies, strategize your moves, and conquer rival cities to claim your place at the top.

Build Great Cities

Unleash your creativity and construct majestic cities from the ground up. Expand your settlement, construct awe-inspiring buildings, and watch your city flourish as you progress.

Token Allocation Forecast

  • 25%Player Rewards
  • 25%Community Rewards
  • 20%Team
  • 15%Reserve
  • 8%Private Sale
  • 7%Public Sale

Read Our Documents

Here are our complete documents to help you understand more about us. You can find all the necessary information in these documents.

Features of our project

We always do our best to make it convenient for you to use our product.

Easy to Buy & Sale Token

Our NFTs are located on the most popular platform, you can always find out the price of NFTs and get reliable information from the site.

Unique Product

We have a lot of different variations of NFTs that are connected to each other inside the game, they will give you different benefits based on NFTs.

High–level Communication

Nortonium team can help you resolve any issue that you have quickly. Your opinion matters.

Low-poly design

Our game design is based on “Low-poly” as well the inspiration for the game theme came from Ancient Greeks mythology.


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2024 Q4
  • Project release to the mainnet
  • First global tournament between Nortonium members
2024 Q3
Project development
  • Issuance of a token on exchanges
  • Game market development
2024 Q2
Internal development
  • Smart contract development & audit
  • Adding the ability to use NFT in the game
2024 Q1
  • Recruitment to the team of ambassadors
  • Token launch
2023 Q4
Beta Test
  • Beta Test launch
  • New game mode
2023 Q3
Alfa Test
  • Alpha test launch
  • Launching quests and activities
  • NFT sale
2023 Q2
Preparing for tests
  • Testing game mechanics before launching alpha
  • Preparation of marketing materials and advert
2023 Q1
  • PVP system
2022 Q4
  • Updating the site with full information about the game, its history, and gameplay
2022 Q3
  • Development of basic mechanics and their implementation
  • Development of a system of servers (worlds) for the game
2022 Q2
  • Development of a game design document and a business plan
  • Development of the project's tokenomics

Core development team

The project team is always trying to improve Nortonium and listen carefully to your wishes.

Leif Hansen
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Huang Li
Chief Technologist (CTO)
Ingrid Olsen
Chief Game Designer
Olaf Johansen
Chief Artist (Art Director)

Project helpers

Karla Schmidt
Game Engine Developer
Jan Novak
Marketing Manager
Astrid Larsen
UI/UX Developer

Our Partner

Frequently asked questions

Below we have provided answers to the most frequently asked questions about our project.

Nortonium is "Play to earn" game in which you create buildings on your land to collect resources and sell them on the domestic market, earning from the sale of resources.

You will need an account to play. To play you do not need to buy anything, however if you want to earn more than others you will need to purchase various NFTs.

At the bottom of the page on the site there is a Contact form where you can send your questions.

Yes. The game provides for an attack on the bases of players, during an attack you can get resources if you destroy certain buildings. The player you attacked will lose a percentage of their resources.


Any question? Reach out to us and we’ll get back to you shortly.